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The creation of tax returns of any kind for natural persons and companies mean more to us than just the support of our clients for the fulfillment of legal obligations.

All Services in one glance

  • Creation of annual financial statements and tax returns
  • Support for payroll accounting and financial accounting
  • Creation of monthly reports for abroad
  • Mentoring and processing of tax audits
  • Preparation of tax return for private individuals
  • Production of revenue surplus lineups
  • Optimisation of the tax burden in all tax types
  • Consultation for international taxation law
  • Support for business acquisitions or sales
  • Consultation for restructuring businesses
  • Enforcement of claims towards the financial authority
  • Optimisation of inheritance and gift taxes
  • Succession planning for companies

Our aspiration

We combine a control mandate with commitment, passion, creativity, proactivity, and know-how. We not only handle your annual accounts and tax returns, but we also accompany you through tax audits. If it should be necessary, we also represent your interests in a dispute with the tax office. We consult you in exceptional and unusual situations or show you possibilities to readjust if tax burdens can be reduced.

Melanie Schmid
Christian Riehl
Ernst Altweger

Managing partners of AuditJurTax GmbH, tax consultancy firm

We are on hand if you need us! Don´t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about tax consultancy.

Your personal service package

Tax consultants often limit themselves to handling the past and managing the taxes of their clients. We are different!

With our unconditional commitment and know-how, we stand for the proper administration of our client´s taxes. It is important for us not only to be regarded as administrators, but as sparring partners and designers by our clients. The business models, plans and visions of our patrons have the highest priority.

Give us your trust, so that we can discuss all chances and alternatives of your tax management in regular, personal exchange and point out the possible tax risks. This makes your decision making easier and contributes to your personal and entrepreneurial success!