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The team of managing partners of the AuditJurTax Group (from left to right): Michael Heinze, Christian Riehl, Melanie Schmid and company founder Ernst Altweger.

AuditJurTax Group

Welcome to AuditJurTax Group in Munich.

There are tax advisors, lawyers, investment advisors, family therapists, entrepreneurs,… – and at the end of the day, they are all people working for people.
This insight might seem simple, but it forms the bedrock of our approach to consulting services. Consequently, our brand essence revolves around four core values: honesty, commitment, individuality, and enthusiasm. These values form the foundation of our excellent tax and legal advice. If you’re considering a career with us, we encourage you to align with these values.

Our Services

AuditJurTax Group

Experience Top-tier Advice

Listening, thinking, deciding – what might sound straightforward can often be quite challenging, especially in the realm of tax and legal consulting. Whether you operate nationally or internationally, you require a partner with significant experience and digital competence who can adopt an entrepreneurial mindset on your behalf. We are here to provide you support with complex tax matters, offer personalized advice, and collaborate on finding the optimal solutions. What can we assist you with?

Yohania Valdes AuditJurTax Group

With us, you’ll receive both tax and legal advice from a single source, delivered with enthusiasm.

Your Career


How about a healthy work-life balance? At AuditJurTax Group in Munich, we don’t just promise it; we deliver it along with attractive career opportunities. When will you join our team?

AuditJurTax Group

When would you like to join our team?

We believe in fostering a team spirit for shared success.
A dream job is truly a dream job when you’re empowered to shape it. Through dialogues with you, we aim to pinpoint the right position for you at our successful Munich office specializing in tax and legal advice. We ensure that you work in an area where your strengths and preferences shine. This enables you to hone your skills and advance your career. In turn, our clients receive top-tier service, and together as a team, we secure the success of the AuditJurTax Group. Intrigued?

Work & Life

AuditJurTax Group

Creating Measurable Value for People

Is work half your life? Allow us to introduce you to the other, private half of our team.

Christian Riehl und Ernst Altweger AuditJurTax Group
  • Sometimes, even in tax and legal advice, a touch of rock ‘n’ roll is necessary (Christian Riehl and Ernst Altweger).

AuditJurTax Group
  • Our “Big 4” are Melanie Schmid, Michael Heinze, Christian Riehl, and Ernst Altweger (from left to right).