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Are you looking for an advisory firm in Germany which is experienced and highly motivated to work with you as an international inbound client? AuditJurTax Group is such a consulting firm!

Who we are

We are a medium-sized tax and legal advisory firm based in Munich since 1993.

We speak English and Russian. We help you to best structure your market entry in Germany from a legal and from a tax perspective. We offer you full service, responsiveness and cooperation at a competitive price.

Our experienced team is able to provide any service with respect to your tax-related and company law matters.

With the wide range of services that AuditJurTax Group offers, you get advice in both areas, tax and law, from one source only, which helps you save time, effort, and money.

What we offer

Our tax advisory services

  • Tax planning, management consultancy and advice on choosing the right legal form
  • Filing of your monthly VAT prepayment returns
  • Filing of your annual tax returns (incl. tax balance sheet, public disclosure requirements)
  • Assisting and advising on tax audits in Germany
  • Reviewing of your tax assessment notices and filing of protests, if necessary
  • Supporting you to optimize your cross-border deliverables and services from a tax perspective
  • Support in reconciling 3rd party transfer pricing
  • Assistance in documenting your transfer prices properly
  • Assisting you with restructuring and/or shutting-down your business activities in Germany

Our legal advisory services

  • Company Founding
  • Drafting directors’ contracts/employment contracts
  • Preparing service agreements/intercompany agreements
  • Consulting in corporate and contract legal matters

Our bookkeeping and wage accounting services

  • Fulfillment of all your registrations/compliance matters in Germany
  • Monthly German GAAP bookkeeping
  • Wage accounting
  • Travel expense accounting
  • Preparation of the annual financial statements
  • Fulfillment of monthly reporting obligations; reconciliation of German GAAP accounting to International Accounting Standards

Company founding in Germany–

We support you with individual service packages

In Germany small and medium-size companies will discover a highly educated, skilled and efficient workforce, as well as a government that is very friendly to outside companies and investments. Because of its geographic position in the middle of Europe Germany is a great place for companies looking to establish themselves in the German and European markets. For these companies Auditjurtax Group offers necessary start-up services and can help guide a company through the process of setting up an office and establishing an address and legal entity. We can make the first steps easier and help in many ways.